Good Evening friends and others. . .

3 Aug

The consummate storyteller having fun in Milan, Italy


I fell in love. . .

2 Jul


The red rooftops of Rome. . .

10 Jun

From the rooftop, looking down into the small courtyards, listening to the sounds and taking in all the aromas- a wonderful way to experience early morning Rome.

Tales from the sea. . .

7 Jun

On the fourth day of rolling seas, one of our table mates (who had not been to dinner in 3 nights) Mrs Morgan started talking about the strange psychedelic blue birds she was seeing on deck. She said they were everywhere. Suddenly the cruise started taking on an eerie feeling. I had not seen any birds. Yet. I was feeling perfectly fine. And then. .

Anatomy of a sunrise. . .

31 May

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No words necessary

It seemed like a good idea at the time. . .

31 May

(They usually do)  And it turns out it was. Some things are worth waking up at 5:15 am for. Memorial Day Sunrise.

In the dreamy pink garden. . .

20 May

Listening to the waterfall and walking through my neighbor’s dreamy pink garden I lost track of time.